From Bible studies to small groups to special events, we have something for anyone who wants to grow in their relationship with God.

Bible Studies

Women’s Bible Study: Mondays at 7:00 pm, September-April.  The Women’s Bible study gathers in the church office building to spend time in fellowship and explore the Bible as women of faith.  The study is open to all women.

Real Moms: 2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month at 3:45 pm in the office building. Momming is hard…let’s do it together! Real Moms, formerly known as MOPS, where perfectly imperfect women come together to support each other through this journey called motherhood. All moms of any age group are invited to join in. Drop your children off at Cornerstone Kids starting at 3:30 pm and join us in the pink room for some “Real” friendship and YOU time.  Click here for Registration Form

Special Bible Studies:  Throughout the year Cornerstone will host special Bible studies related to the season of the Christian year.  These will be announced and all are invited to participate.

Small Groups

Cornerstone has a variety of small group fellowships that gather throughout the year.  Some of these groups have been around for many years and continue to be a source of prayer, support and friendship.  Twice a year Cornerstone offers “CORNERSTONE’S” which is a short term small group journey.  Those who are not actively involved in a small group fellowship are invited to attend a “CORNERSTONE’S” gathering and through a process of discernment are organized into groups to meet for a two month period.  These small groups take on many forms based on what those participating would like to be involved with.  Some participate in Bible Study, while others are based on fellowship.  Once a group has completed their time together they can decided whether they would like to continue on together or get involved with a new group.  Of course, Cornerstone also considers many of its regular scheduled programs and activities to be a good source of small group fellowship.

Special Events & Workshops

Reality Check:  Three times a year Rev. Roy Terry and his wife Leslie offer Reality Checks which are focused on family, children and marriage.  Rev. Roy and Leslie are convinced that solid Christian teaching also has to be grounded in the practicalities of everyday life.  These teaching moments offer participants an opportunity to have conversation about the areas of life that are closest to us – our children, family and marriages.  These opportunities will be announced and everyone is invited to attend.

Guest Speakers:  Cornerstone invites special guest speakers down at least twice a year.  These gifted individuals come to spend a little time with the Cornerstone community and share insights and teachings from their faith journey.  Cornerstone has hosted Rev. Sally Bates, Rev. Shane Benjamin, Dr. Brent Laytham, Dr. Tony Jones and many more.  These teaching opportunities are a great place to grow and explore one’s faith.

Special Teaching Events:  Throughout the year Rev. Roy Terry and Rev. Lisa Lefkow will offer teaching moments which address a particular aspect of our Christians journey.  Many of the topics are related to the formative practice of Christian Discipleship.  Some of the past special teaching events include: Wesley and the People Called Methodist, This Life and The Life to Come, Mission and Outreach, Sojourners Class, The Bible, The Work of the People – Why Worship Matters, etc.  These special teaching moments will be announced and everyone is invited to participate.