About Cornerstone

It’s the journey…

At Cornerstone UMC we are a people bound together through the love of God. Those who gather represent the vast diversity of Godʼs people for we believe that in diversity we experience unity. God has invited us to be full participants in God’s story. We share this story together through our lives, our worship, our prayers, our generosity, our relationships and in our service to others. Godʼs story is a journey and not a destination. Godʼs story invites us to be one outpost among many that bears witness to love of God in the world.

We share the story in authentic and practical ways and do not set limits on the expression and diversity of Godʼs gifts and people. “Come as you are!” We really mean it! Cornerstone celebrates the ancient paths which form our faith and lead to embodiment within our current reality. Woven within those ancient paths (that transcend time and culture) are current expressions of art and music all bearing witness to Godʼs movement within our age and time. God is breaking down the walls and barriers of separation between people, communities, and creation.

A Community & Characters…

Breaking Down Walls:

  • All are welcome!
  • There is no dress code.
  • We are serious about breaking down the walls and barriers that separate us from God, each other, ourselves, and creation.
  • We are committed to diversity – in music, dress, economic status, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, and physical-mental ability.
  • We do not believe science is the enemy of faith but rather contributes to our greater understanding of God’s creation.
  • We maintain a sense of “Ordered Spontaneity” in worship and leadership.

Embracing Mystery:

  • We take God very seriously.
  • We welcome questions and confess we donʼt have all the answers.
  • We believe that God always shows up.
  • We are committed to reading, reflecting, and being challenged by the Holy Scriptures. Within these sacred texts God reveals God-self to us in many unexpected and beautiful ways.
  • We are not Biblical literalist.
  • We celebrate the mystery of God revealed to us through Baptism and Communion.

Participants in God’s Story:

  • We seek to participate in Godʼs story.
  • Godʼs story is not simply for a particular time or people but all people throughout all the ages.
  • We are “Becoming Godʼs Church” together – no one is finished in this place!
  • The “church” is not an institution or building but a “body” – it is organic.
  • The “church” is not perfect nor is it the only authority on life.
  • The “church” is the Body of Christ and stands opposed to the forces of evil, oppression, and injustice in the world.
  • The Body of Christ is to be a just and generous community.

Sharing & Being Transformed:

  • The good news of Jesus Christ is incredibly good news for everyone!
  • The change agent of God is the Holy Spirit and not us.
  • We celebrate the wonder and beauty of all Gods creation and believe that we should take great care of Gods universe.
  • We are intentional about Christian formation through teaching and the arts.
  • We need each other, we canʼt do this alone.
  • We nurture faithfulness to God through our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.
  • We celebrate the transformation that comes through the power of the Holy Spirit in community with each other.
  • We are connected to a story that is bigger than us.
  • We are driven and defined by the narrative of LOVE!

Rev. Roy Terry IV
Senior Pastor

Rev. Lisa Lefkow

Lisa Federico
Director of Music

Rev. Mike Butler
Director of Adult Discipleship

Bonnie Thayer
Director of Children’s Ministries

Aaron Thayer
Youth Director

Julie Basile
Office Administrator
Lyndsey Wiggins

Ken Slabach